Funhouse is the best party band in the World. They bring together all the essential elements; fun, spectacle, great song choices and virtuoso musicianship. They are visually captivating and their full bodied grooves will take your booty straight to the dance floor.

Meet the band

The Mega Mistress MC

(Vocals and general strutting about) She rules the stage with a whip and a wink.  If you aren’t having fun you better start right now!! After huge success in Europe she is back and getting the party started in Southern California.

Bobby Z

(Lead guitar and general terrorizing) Bobby was born to a beautiful gypsy girl called Carmen. One side of his face was burned when his Romany caravan caught fire. The other side is so beautiful that people gasp as he walks by.

Fun Guy Andy

(Bass guitar and deranged arranger) He keeps his figure super lean and ready for his tight costume at his day job of tickling salmon until they turn pink. He also plays unbelievable bass guitar for… you guessed it, Funhouse!

Pimmy “The Smile”

(Drums and backstage antics) Pimmy, retired early from touring the world after a bizarre onstage accident. If it weren’t for the fact that this kind of thing happens to drummers all the time, it would seem unbelievable. His permanent smile was caused when Lady Gaga’s back up singers backed up a little too far. He remains a little squashed looking, but oh so happy!

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